Friday, February 22, 2008

October, November, December: the project goes on

As long as we pretend we're not almost done with February, I'm kind of catching up! (What's a few weeks between friends?)

October, my most colorful page to date, was a page about my wonderful son, Evan. He is a bass player extraordinaire, and music is his life. The beads surrounding the guitar represent all the energy that he exudes when he's in his groove. He has brought so much color and vibrancy into my life in the 16+ years he's been around. I'm looking forward to a lot more music from that kid. (As well as laughs.)

Ah, November. My aunt's funeral was in November. Etta was my "double" aunt. My mother and her sister married my dad and his brother. We had a family of "double cousins" which we were constantly having to explain to people. Etta, my aunt, was my mother's second set of eyes. She worked at the office in our school and anything I did at school beat me home by two hours. But she was a wonderful aunt and cared about us very much. Anyway, November was sort of a wet, sad month for me, and so I reminded myself of what was important--the serenity within me (thus the lotus outline) and the wisdom I carry with me (the owl bead in the center). It may be a time of dying leaves, but what I am is untouched.

Brrrrrrrrrrr. This has been a cold winter on the Palouse. We had snow on the ground for so long that I remarked to my doctor that if it weren't for trips to Walla Walla to take care of my mom, I'd forget what bare ground looks like. And now that it's melting again, the ground looks very bare. But snow is least at first, and I loved making snowflakes as the snow was coming down outside. I remembered that I had this "wintery" fabric in my scrap pile and it was just perfect.

Let's warm up now. I'm ready for spring.


abeadlady said...

All three new pages are wonderful. I especially like the snowflake one. The guitar reminds me of my 14 year old grandson who also plays. Way to go. And all of us are not caught up.


KV said...

These are beautiful pages, Barb. I especially loved the one you did for your "double" aunt. We, too, grew up with the same situation -- my mother and one of her sisters married first cousins. As a matter of fact, my cousin has always been more of a sister to me than a cousin!

Kathy V in NM

Brenda said...

Great job catching up!
I love your use of those perfect fabrics for each of your pages.
Now I wish I would have worked more with fabric!

freebird said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt. My daughter Tena married the brother of my niece Timaree's husband. Her mother is called Tena and with me being Timaree we have a lot of fun with names. We also have four James'.

I think all of these pages look wonderful and fitting to their months. You are getting more caught up than I am!

Robin said...

Your bead-idea-fabric combinations are just perfect... everything works together VERY well to convey your journal impression for the month. Yay!!! I especially love the tribue to your son, his personality and his music. I bet he's pleased too! Good job getting caught up... Hugs,
Robin A.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Barb these pages are delightful, I like how you have expressed the loss of your dear Aunt

I love the snowflakes, the fabric is perfect for them. That guitar is pretty cool too, I bet your grandson loves it

Mary Timme said...

I'm loving your snowflakes! Nice!