Monday, February 26, 2007

Finishing What I Start

Look! I *can* finish something. One of the few things I do really well in life is making beaded Christmas ornaments. I've been making them for friends for several years now, but I've started making a special batch for Evan so that when he has a home of his own, he'll have a set. He already has one of the first I made, but this is the latest addition to his collection.

My son's friend, Jimmy, had his Bar Mitzvah roughly three years ago. I started this wall hanging for him six months in advance. Have I quilted it yet? No, I have not. I'm working on finishing the basting so that I can get it done before he graduates from high school. (Self-deprecation intended.) It's titled, "Jimmy's Elegant Universe" because he was really into string theory at the time. The label on the back will have a picture of the two of them together when they were little.

I'm spending the day at home today, trying to get a few errands done, and have a chance to sew. It's hard to stop worrying about what's going on at work, though--a problem that my friend, Susan, calls "pathetic". (Wait, maybe she said that *I'm* pathetic...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

You Are a Mac

You are creative, stylish, and super trendy.

You demand the best - even if it costs an arm and a leg.

And more postcards

Isn't it amazing how difficult it is to get this new version of Blogger to put the images where you want them? Grrrrrr.

At the moment I'm trying to finish a blouse that I started for myself, and then finish an abstract wall-hanging I have in progress. My resolution this year is to finish what I start. (That'll be the day.)
So much for good intentions. I've been doing stuff, but not posting it to the blog. Here are some more of the postcards I made for the swap. The metallics don't photograph well--I think I need to adjust my flash, but I'll figure that out another time. The swap is almost over--I finished mine before Christmas but a few people aren't done yet. There's been talk on the blog about going another round together, but I think I'll pass. Most of the women in the swap tend to be much more traditional than I am. (There are several other women, though, who tended to do less conventional work.) The traditionalists seemed to not know what to make of the ones that weren't conventional quilt patterns. My friend, Sue, has been urging me to make some to sell at a local artistan's shop, but I'm not sure if it would be worth it.

It's been a busy time--Evan just finished up two weeks worth of performances of the two one-act plays he's been in. The performances went pretty well with the exception of the one night that the lighting program was corrupted (tsk tsk tsk--it was a Mac computer...) and a dead Evan had to pick up his stuff and walk off the stage with the lights up. It was fun, but it's a relief for everybody that it's over, I think.