Thursday, December 28, 2006

Starting Over

Always the best of intentions. I know I abandoned my last one, but it's (almost) another year, and for some reason I seem to be motivated to get more done.

In October I signed up for a fabric postcard swap on the web and figured that maybe they'd have enough people to make it a go after the New Year. Boy, was I wrong! By early November I had a list of names and two weeks after that, postcards were starting to arrive. I started out sort of slowly and had trouble coming up with new ideas. As always, though, once I went into my sewing room, I started in and had so much fun making new cards. Each one I made gave me ideas for the next one.

My next goal is to finish the hand dyed quilt I started earlier this fall. Until then, I figured I'd toss up some images of the postcards I made that I liked the best. (It was really hard to part with them.)

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Robin said...

Welcome back! Your fabric ATCs are lovely... all of them. I can see where it must have been hard to part with them. Thanks for your visit to my blog... You're right about poking holes in the stars with a needle (or you could use an awl).