Thursday, February 22, 2007

So much for good intentions. I've been doing stuff, but not posting it to the blog. Here are some more of the postcards I made for the swap. The metallics don't photograph well--I think I need to adjust my flash, but I'll figure that out another time. The swap is almost over--I finished mine before Christmas but a few people aren't done yet. There's been talk on the blog about going another round together, but I think I'll pass. Most of the women in the swap tend to be much more traditional than I am. (There are several other women, though, who tended to do less conventional work.) The traditionalists seemed to not know what to make of the ones that weren't conventional quilt patterns. My friend, Sue, has been urging me to make some to sell at a local artistan's shop, but I'm not sure if it would be worth it.

It's been a busy time--Evan just finished up two weeks worth of performances of the two one-act plays he's been in. The performances went pretty well with the exception of the one night that the lighting program was corrupted (tsk tsk tsk--it was a Mac computer...) and a dead Evan had to pick up his stuff and walk off the stage with the lights up. It was fun, but it's a relief for everybody that it's over, I think.

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