Monday, February 26, 2007

Finishing What I Start

Look! I *can* finish something. One of the few things I do really well in life is making beaded Christmas ornaments. I've been making them for friends for several years now, but I've started making a special batch for Evan so that when he has a home of his own, he'll have a set. He already has one of the first I made, but this is the latest addition to his collection.

My son's friend, Jimmy, had his Bar Mitzvah roughly three years ago. I started this wall hanging for him six months in advance. Have I quilted it yet? No, I have not. I'm working on finishing the basting so that I can get it done before he graduates from high school. (Self-deprecation intended.) It's titled, "Jimmy's Elegant Universe" because he was really into string theory at the time. The label on the back will have a picture of the two of them together when they were little.

I'm spending the day at home today, trying to get a few errands done, and have a chance to sew. It's hard to stop worrying about what's going on at work, though--a problem that my friend, Susan, calls "pathetic". (Wait, maybe she said that *I'm* pathetic...

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